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About Luna Sol Chiropractic

After finishing school and practicing in North Carolina for a year, chiropractor Dr. Emilie Quinn realized she wanted to move back north closer to home, and found the perfect spot in Purcellville. She’s excited to welcome practice members and provide them with natural and holistic health care for the whole family.

Our office is a safe space where you can come and just be your authentic self. We care and are here for you, whatever your health goals may be. We’ll support you through it all.

Our Mission, Vision, and Purpose

Our mission is to provide hope and healing during the dark days, celebration on the bright days, and encouragement to be the best version of yourself on the days in between. Our name came from that balance of dark and light, sun and moon, Yin and Yang. Finding ways to heal yourself on those really tough days, but also celebrating your wins and your great days, while trying to find balance.

Our vision was born from Dr. Emilie’s experience of feeling lost and unsure of what she was doing as she started chiropractic school. Her vision is to help people realize that, even in this phase where they feel like they’re just going through the motions every day, there’s still beauty in that, and lessons to be learned.

Our space is for healing; to allow our practice members to express whatever they need, while facilitating health and finding a brighter outlook on life. We do this through gentle and specific chiropractic care, specifically to the spine and nervous system, to help eliminate stress, remove interference, and give the body the ability to adapt and let all that light shine in.

The Circle of Life

One of the first pregnancy cases Dr. Emilie had was a woman who was 14 weeks along. Dr. Emilie took care of her during the entire pregnancy, saw her postpartum, and then met her baby. It really brought it full circle for her to meet this new life she helped along, while helping the mom feel better and helping her take care of herself. It’s such a fulfilling moment.

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